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AN Day 4 - Now Accepting Reservations!

It appears that Dallas Braden is making Harden's next start. If nothing else, at least we get to see the rookies!

What if I told you that for the low, low price of $32 per ticket, you can be a part of our annual Athletics Nation Day at the Coliseum? Sounds too good to be true? Well, the opportunity is yours. Starting today, you can reserve your seat at the Saturday, August 4th game against our rivals from down south, the Angels!

To purchase a ticket, simply PayPal me at baseballgirl1976 @ (take away the spaces) with the appropriate funds, and you will be guaranteed a seat!

I would encourage everyone to come! These events have been awesome in the past, and while I can’t guarantee a Milton Bradley walk-off homerun, I certainly can guarantee a good time! Sign up early to reserve your seat!