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Open Thread: Game 18 - A's vs. Texas

Well, I guess the silver lining of outscoring your opponent 16-11 in two days, and still spliting the games, is that at least you didn't outscore them 16-5 with the same outcome.

I think yesterday's game was one that I would have rather lost by multiple runs, because it had every bit the earmark of being an unheard-of 1-0 shutout in Arlington, and then I would have been forced to be mad at Eric Chavez.

Instead, look on the bright side! We have no idea what offense will show up today. It's like a Christmas surprise! The A's send Chad Gaudin to the mound again today, looking for yet another quality start. He will face off against Robinson Tejeda, one of the Rangers' pitchers that can actually, you know, pitch.

Hmmm...somehow that joke would have been funnier before the game yesterday.


Stewart LF
Swisher 1B
Chavez 3B
Piazza DH
Bradley CF
Buck RF
Crosby SS
Kendall C
Ellis 2B

Lofton CF
Catalanotto LF
Young SS
Teixeira 1B
Sosa DH
Blalock 3B
Kinsler 2B
Cruz RF
Laird C