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Another One-Night Stand

He was so self-confident when we locked eyes. I could tell by the way that he took pitch after pitch that he was the guy for me. His seductive plate discipline, his confident stroke, his discerning eye, his power ... for a night, he was the one.

And then, the next day -- he didn't even show up. I called, and called, and called -- to no avail. My friends all told me to forget him, that he was the kind of guy that would perform great for one night, but that he was no good for a long-term (say, 6-month) relationship.

Still I believed. I believed that if I could just keep the other girls from scoring, he might be there for me, in some small way. A card, flowers, candy -- maybe even just an IM or two?

Maybe, I thought, if I "loaded the bases" for him -- but no, he struck out. Twice.

Again, my friends all told me it was "game over" with this guy. But I persevered. It was too early to give up on him. He'd show up, I thought. I lingered, casting seductive glances at him. But he didn't even notice.

Eventually, I got tired of waiting for him. Sad to say, I let someone score on me. Someone -- sniff -- other than him.

Maybe he'll call again. Someday. But I'm not counting on it.