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Open Thread: Game 17 - A's at Texas

The A's are clearly falling short on one significant metric right now.

Their lag time for busting out of an offensive slump and opening up a can of whupass after my declaring their offense dead for the season is a pathetic 6 full days.

Either the A's need to improve on this lag time, or I need to be posting daily diaries slagging on Shannon Stewart and Jason Kendall.

Because, clearly, last night's success was a direct result of my admonitions last weekend.

Tonight's sacrificial victim run up the slopes of Waponi Wu by Ron Washington will be Kameron Loe. About whom I could say anything. He is, after all, almost famous. And he gives up a lot of singles.

For the A's, Joe Kennedy returns to a starting role.

Lineup notes: Geren continues to demonstrate a remarkably unMachalike flexibility with his lineup, willing to both go with the hot hand (Buck, moving asymptotically up to 5th tonight) and bench the cold hand (Piazza sits in favor of Walker) and (gasp!) start Melhuse!

Tonight's lineups:


Stewart LF
Swisher 1B
Chavez 3B
Bradley CF
Buck RF
Crosby SS
Walker DH
Ellis 2B
Melhuse C


Hairston CF
Kinsler 2B
Young SS
Teixeira 1B
Sosa DH
Blalock 3B
Cruz RF
Kata LF
Laird C