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Friday Fishwrap (Hold The Fish)

It's Potpourri Friday, featuring unrelated items...Unless you can cleverly link them to a single theme (thereby winning the prize of "satisfaction for a job well done"). I'm thinking they all relate to Kevin Bacon in some way, but I'm not sure how.

The Cause Of The Croz

Enough Crosby-bashing and enough Crosby-defending. Let's talk about the why--specifically why Crosby struggles at the plate. Crosby is unusual in that he actually struggles more against LHP (career .223/.307/.390), which is supposed to give him the "platoon advantage". There are certainly occasional examples of players whose splits fly in the face of the platoons; the A's have one in Shannon Stewart, who has had more success against RHP in his career. But more commonly, hitters rely on "opposite hand" pitching to boost, not drag down, their overall stats.

Why does Crosby struggle to hit LHP? I'd say a secondary problem is that he doesn't read the "back foot slider" even though as a right-handed batter he has a good look at it, and he is prone to swinging over the top of it, making him easy prey for the Pettittes of the animal kingdom. I'd say the primary problem, however, is that Crosby pulls off the tailing fastball and the changeup, making him easy bait for a pitcher who can command those pitches--which describes most lefties who make it to the major leagues. As a right-handed batter, Crosby has no real reason to pull off these pitches (it's more understandable when he pulls off of a sharp breaking ball thrown by a RHP). It's just a bad habit, or poor mechanics, I think. Stay in there, Croz, and the "vs. LHP" numbers will go up, and we'll all be happier, and more inclined to discuss bunnies and rainbows and chocolate-sauce waterfalls. OK now I'm hungry. M-m-m...Bunnies...

What's Up With Garret?

Last year, Garret Anderson looked like an old man in steady decline. But then he showed up this spring looking completely rejuvenated, as if he had either discovered the fountain of youth or made an ill-advised pact with the devil. Now, just two weeks into the season he looks like an old man again. And why do the telecasts keep showing a replay of Anderson swinging over the same changeup? Or is it possible that he actually keeps swinging like he's never seen a changeup and doesn't think he might be thrown one? I'm not complaining, mind you, just asking.

Radio Delay Update

Recently, the delay on the A's radio broadcasts has become shorter, down from 12-14 seconds to 4-5 seconds, still not ideal but getting closer to the "tolerable range". This adjustment occurred soon after the flurry of letters sent by ANers who, like me, were bothered by the long delay. I don't know if the change was directly in response to the letters, but if you sent a letter and think CBS Radio was responsive to our concerns, I think they deserve a letter of appreciation, something like this:

I have noticed that the delay on the A's radio broadcasts has been shortened, possibly in response to letters like mine that explained how the delay was making it impossible to listen to the radio coverage while watching the game on TV or attending the game in person. I want to express appreciation for the shorter delay and thank anyone who may have been responsible for listening to my concerns.

Contact info can be found in my initial post: The first letter was sent for practical reasons; this one would be sent for moral reasons. I will send mine today.