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New Season, New Story (sort of)

The A's lost very few games last year because of an infielder's error and going into this year, you'd think that the A's infield defense will be even better with Bobby Crosby back and Nick Swisher back at first. All due respect to Marco Scutaro, but Crosby has better range and has a stronger arm. But that wasn't the case today as Crosby booted not one, but two key plays. The second basically cost Haren the game. Well that and the fact that Felix Hernandez looks to be King Felix once again. He was absolutely dominant, striking out 12 while only giving up four hits.

Haren also only gave up four hits and four runs, all four unearned. He was also dominant, albeit not 12 strikeout dominant, but good enough where he deserved a better fate.

The A's offense couldn't give him that better fate. It was more of the same from the offense, although I'm not willing to jump off a cliff just yet. Hernandez is supposed to be this good and we all know about the saying about pitching against hitting. And at least the A's were playing for the one run as they should've with the Ellis/Kendall combination coming up. King Felix was just that much better. Crosby didn't help things, but sometimes you've just got to say that pitching was awesome, tip your cap and come back and get them the following day.