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Open Thread - Game 1

After what feels like FOREVER, baseball is back, ready or not, and it seems like even the best of us are having trouble predicting exactly what we're going to see from the Oakland A's this year.

Things to watch for, of course, include Danny Haren continuing his stellar pitching, a full season with Rich Harden (cross your fingers!), the Major League debut of Travis Buck, a lot of firsts for MLB veteran Mike Piazza, and Gaudin as a starting pitcher.

But let's take it one game at a time. The A's will be kicking off the season against their BFF's from last year, the Seattle Mariners, as first-time ace Danny Haren takes on King Felix Hernandez. This should be a well-pitched game.

If you aren't excited beyond words right now, I feel for you. Post all about it in the first real game thread of the year! Blez will take you the rest of the way; enjoy the game!

For Seattle:

Suzuki CF
Beltre 3B
Vidro DH
Ibanez LF
Sexson 1B
Guillen RF
Johjima C
Betancourt SS
Lopez 2B

And here is your starting lineup for your 2007 Oakland Athletics!

Kendall C
Stewart LF
Bradley CF
Piazza DH
Chavez 3B
Swisher 1B
Crosby SS
Buck RF
Ellis 2B