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Open Thread: Game 15 - A's vs. Angels

So far, minus a couple of huge homeruns, the story of the early 2007 season seems to be all about the pitching. Our starters have turned in quality start after quality start after quality start, with very little to show for it. Of course, some would argue that with our offense, a .500 record is something to show for the pitching effort, but someday I might be really mad about wasting those games.

Today doesn’t look like it will break free from that pattern, as Danny Haren takes the mound after a ‘shaky’ start, in where he still went five innings and held the Yankees to three runs for the no-decision. Before that start, though, Haren was 0-2 with an infinitesimal ERA; the losses largely due to the fact that his offense has scored one run or less in each of his starts.

However, to tell the whole story, Haren has been opposed by some pretty good pitchers, none more dominant against the A’s offense than the starter today: John Lackey. In addition to owning the A’s, Lackey is not shy about showing it; he’s the kind of pitcher that no matter what your feelings are on charging the mound, you secretly would cheer on anyone who did, because you should be able to beat him at something, if not actual baseball.

Interestingly enough, Shannon Stewart has some pretty good numbers against Lackey in 30 at-bats, but I bet he’s the only one. I don’t see any notes on Milton Bradley yet, but that decision will probably be made before the A’s leave for Texas tonight/tomorrow.

I always say that I’d be happy with a split anytime the Angels and A’s square off, but it sure would be nice to be able to steal a sweep of this brief series!




Matthews, CF
Cabrera, SS
Izturis, 3B
Anderson, LF
Kotchman, 1B
Hillenbrand, DH
Aybar, 2B
Molina, C
Willits, RF

Your 2007 Oakland Athletics (YAY!!!!)

Stewart, LF
Swisher, CF
Chavez, 3B
Piazza, DH
Walker, 1B
Crosby, SS
Buck, RF
Kendall, C
Scutaro, 2B