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Wow. Talk about bittersweet. In the 7th inning, it was “season over” as Rich Harden left hurt. In the 9th inning, it was “game over” as arguably the best closer in major league history faced Scutaro with the count 0-2, two out, and the A’s trailing 4-2. Boom. “Fair or foul? FAIR!”

The parallels to last year’s AN Day are uncanny, right down to Jason Kendall’s relentless (“Kotsayesque”) at bat to keep the A’s alive and bring the winning run to the plate.

I’m writing this for baseballgirl because she’s on her way to the airport. She asked me to put this wrap-up together and requested just one bit of content to be added on her behalf: “Bobby Crosby is a terrible baseball player.” Did you feel the footsteps as they trotted around the bases, Croz?