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Open Thread: Game 13 - A's vs. Yankees

Well, I could talk about how our offense scored zero runs in 12 innings last night. Or I could talk about the fact that despite our crappy, crappy offense, in which our only hope to win yesterday's game rested on the shoulders of a rookie, the A’s still have a chance to win the series against the Yankees today with Rich Harden on the mound. Or I could talk about the pitching duel that is likely going to ensue with Harden vs. Pettitte, where it might be very likely that the game could be decided by the bullpens...again. I could speculate on Milton Bradley taking another day off, and coupled with the off-day tomorrow, should be ready by Tuesday, or I could mention that if the A’s keep playing 4+ hour games, there will be a late wrapup today, because I will be running for a plane.

But really.

Today is bigger than the Yankees/A’s. Bigger than our 2007 season. Bigger than anyone’s 2007 season. Today is the day that MLB is honoring the sixtieth anniversary of a player who literally changed baseball forever: Jackie Robinson. Whatever your feelings on the ‘42’ jerseys, or the players participating in the event, every baseball fan can take a moment to reflect on what Robinson went through for his love of the game, and to pave the way for players who came after him.

A chance to honor Robinson; a chance to have Harden take 2 out of 3 from the Yankees. It doesn’t get much better than this.

Let’s go Oak-land!