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Open Thread: Game 12 - A's vs. Yankees

Darrell Rasner? Didn't he direct one of the Hannibal Lecter movies?

As much money as the Yankees spend on their roster, and even as banged-up and on-the-cheap and maybe-not-as-good-as-the-Angels-even-at-full-health the A's rotation is, New York simply doesn't have the pitching depth that the A's do. (Granted, Joe Blanton isn't really anyone's idea of a #2 starter, but ... Darrell Rasner? Didn't he date Serena Williams briefly?)

As for the positional lineups, well, with Todd Walker as our starting first baseman, perhaps we oughtn't be cracking so wise ...

Starting lineups:

New York
J. Damon cf
D. Jeter ss
B. Abreu rf
A. Rodriguez 3b
J. Giambi dh
R. Cano 2b
J. Phelps 1b
M. Cabrera lf
W. Nieves c

D. Rasner P

S. Stewart lf
N. Swisher cf
M. Piazza dh
E. Chavez 3b
T. Walker 1b
B. Crosby ss
T. Buck rf
J. Kendall c
M. Scutaro 2b

J. Blanton P

And a couple of hate-on-NYC Dylan verses after the break ...

Hard Times in New York Team

Come you ladies and you gentlemen, A-Rod can hit it long.
Booing him's your right, but I might think it's wrong.
Just a little glimpse of a story I'll tell
'Bout an East Coast city that you all know well.
It's hard times in the city,
Kickin' down the New York team.

Old New York Yankees is a crumbling old team,
Whom Joe Blanton smites and Harden sets down.
There's a-mighty many people all swingin' all around,
They'll kick you when you're up and knock you when you're down.
It's hard times in the city,
Kickin' down the New York team.