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Yay!!! Both Teams Get To Win!!!

The first run scored on a rally-killing double play and the last run scored on a wild pitch. And when all was said and done, the first game of the Bay Bridge series was no more resolved than my childhood issues. Leaving me to make the following observations:

* For a guy who went 0/4 with a DP, Travis Buck impressed me. Quality at-bats that showed Buck remains calm with two strikes, fights off tough pitches and works his way back into the count, and puts the ball in play.

* You really get the feeling that, for whatever reason, the A's have not been impressed with Erubiel Durazo this spring, despite his alluring track record and perfectly solid spring. Perhaps it's his defense, perhaps it's something else. But until Dan Johnson got injured just a few days ago it looked like there was no room for Durazo and even now, not only has Buck remained with the team and in the lineup but today the A's signed Todd Walker. It just doesn't seem like Durazo is Plan A or Plan B. Not exactly sure why, but that's the writing on the wall.

* Leave your pessimism at the door, because Harden, Haren, Street, Duchscherer, and Calero will keep the A's in the race into the summer. Sure would like to see Bradley and Loaiza soon, though; if I wanted to see Charles Thomas and Brad Halsey, I'd move to Sacramento.

Game 2 of the Bay Bridge series is tomorrow--hope somebody wins!

P.S. If you missed any of this story, turn on the radio and you can hear it in about 12 seconds. Grrr...