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Open Thread: Spring Training Game 29

It looks like tonight's exhibition game between the big club and AAA Sacramento will either be on as a free preview of MiLB.TV or it won't. Reports are varied. Ahhh...the clarity of the Spring Training schedule. I guess we'll have to be surprised.

Just in case, though, this thread can also double as "Guess the A's starting 2007 Roster!" or we can use our magic powers to guess how Estaban Loaiza is pitching tonight.

I've said it before, but I really feel that Loaiza and Blanton are going to be the A's keys to success. Simply put: The A's need to pitch well to win. Unless I'm pleasantly surprised, and our entire offense has a better year than 2006, our pitching will be the most crucial piece to make this 2007 team competitive.

Start the countdown...the season’s a’comin’!