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baseballgirl’s notes on the game:

  • Man, that game went quick. Of course, when you lose 2-0, there aren’t a lot of long innings.
  • So, the A’s offense was MIA this afternoon, mustering up zero runs behind the strength of four hits. For those of you who think Kendall shouldn’t lead off, isn’t it nice to know that at least for one at-bat a game, he can’t hit into a double-play?
  • Joe Kennedy is NOW officially the #5 starter. I’m SHOCKED. Shocked, I tell ya’! But the question I have is this: If he had allowed ten runs in the first inning of yesterday’s game, would he still have been? Inquiring minds want to know.
  • In other news, Ryan Goleski was returned to the Indians, and is NOT happy about it
  • Spring Training is over in Phoenix, and the A’s are coming home!
  • Robert Buan had a great discussion about photo-ticket traffic lights, which are my pet peeve to end all pet peeves. How are you supposed to turn left in an intersection without a green arrow if you get a ticket when the light turns red?
  • Apparently, unless Johnson has need of the DL to start the season, Durazo will not make the club, and has a clause in his contract that he can be shopped to other teams.
  • Buan’s guest sure hated Spring Training. He must have called it ‘fake baseball’ about a hundred times.
  • What is going to happen to Travis Buck? I’ve grown quite fond of him.

See you back here tomorrow, at 6:05, as the A’s play in Sacramento. They’re getting closer!