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Open Thread: Spring Training Game 26

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Nico has his wish. Chad Gaudin is starting today. But don't get too excited. According to the SF Chronicle, it's because the A's want to make sure that some of their relievers are ready to go long. I call it the fifth starter effect. In other words, the A's are just preparing in case they might need a long relief appearance or two going into the season considering how much Blanton and the fifth starter candidates have struggled.

But here's an interesting question...what happens if Gaudin actually excels today as a starter? Would the A's consider trying to stretch him out a little more? It very well could be a wise choice. I've advocated for a strong bullpen, but the A's have a stable of young relievers and they don't have a stable of young starters waiting in the wings. Obviously the major issue with Gaudin is his tendency to walk anyone and everyone who shows a modicum of patience.

By the way, AN may have slipped out of the lead in the poll (get in there and vote, AN!), but it was recently named the top baseball blog on the Web. It's a list of just fantastic blogs that should be a part of everyone's daily reading. I was really happy to see AN recognized because I think the thing that weighs so heavily in AN's favor was the fact that we have the most active baseball community on the Web. The A's may not have the most fans in the world, but they have the best. AN is a special place because of you.

I'll be posting my prediction thread next Monday so everyone can put down their predictions for the season.

LET'S GO A'S!!!!!!