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Open Thread: Spring Training Game 24

It's A's-Rangers, which is always interesting because Ron Washington's attitude in the Cactus League has seemed to be, "I don't care if it's spring training, I want to beat the A's." Not in a negative way, just a competitive way--a "now that I'm here, I'm determined to tell you every chance I get that the Rangers are for real" way. Baseballgirl is on location and will report back tomorrow with her insights on today's game.

With Antonio Perez, Donnie Murphy, and Lou Merloni all playing great in the quest for as few as one available spot on the roster, the hot question for the last week in the Cactus League appears to be, "Can any of you guys pitch? Not well even, just better than Joe Kennedy."

First pitch is at 1:05pm. Second pitch should be around 1:05pm-1:06pm.