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Open Thread: Spring Training Game 23 (again)

Yesterday's game, which was rained out with the Royals leading 4-2 in the 4th inning, did not last long enough to become an official game but lasted just long enough to establish that Joe Kennedy still can't get very many people out this spring. You know things are bad at the back end of the rotation when:

* The A's decide they want to stretch out Lenny DiNardo, "possibly to join in the hunt for the #5 spot"

* DiNardo's outing is rained out as he is trying to face his first hitter

* He walks off the mound having just completed the most successful outing yet by any of the candidates

Coming into today's 1:05pm game against the Padres, the A's now sport a record of 11-10, with one "tie" and one "trailing". In their second attempt at game 23, Oakland sends Danny Haren to the mound. These days, I'm feeling very thankful for Danny Haren. Very thankful.