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Open Thread - Spring Training: Game 17

Give me a "K"!
Give me an "E"!
Give me an "N"!
<repeat with each letter of "KENNEDY">

Yes, it's Spring Training. You can't take things too much to heart. For instance, it's not like Rich Harden will be a mean, green, strike-out machine during the regular season, and it's not like Kennedy will really sport a 47.65 ERA during the real games, right? RIGHT?!

Our chosen fifth starter takes the mound today for the A's. I'm torn between wanting him to do well, because I would like the A's to get some wins from the fifth spot, and between wanting him to be just awful, so he can move back to the pen, where I cheered loudly for him and we made up nicknames that didn't have 'you suck' as part of them.

A's offense got started late yesterday, but at least it got started. I was a little worried there for a second. You can either worry about your pitching staff OR your offense, but not both, or it's going to be a loooong season.

Post away! Go A's!