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On the Move

I'm going to continue to try and temper my excitement about King Richard. I mean, that dude could strike out God right about now. If only he wasn't as easily broken as that UPS package in the opening of Ace Ventura.

But instead of chatting about meaningless spring training Ks, I wanted to make a bit of a personal announcement here as I think of AN as my online family (hmmm...does make Nico the weird "handsy" uncle?). But my wife and I have decided to make a major move. We're uprooting our lives in No Cal to the head for the land of beach balls and thundersticks at baseball games. Yes, fellow ANers, I'm moving to Orange County, California.

To make a long story short, we've wanted to move to Southern California since our daughter was born back in January of 2005. My mother lives there, my wife's parents live there and pretty much 80 percent of my daughter's aunts, uncles and cousins all live there, and it's extremely important to us that our daughter grow up close to her family. We want her to be able to have a special bond with her grandparents, aunts, uncles and cousins. Since I'm a miserable failure at selling people on the concept of moving their family to Sacramento, we've decided to make the move while our daughter was young and hadn't really developed an attachment to this area.

I'm extremely excited about this move, not merely because our daughter gets to see her family daily and weekly instead of every couple of months, but also because believe it or not, I'm going to be able to actually watch a lot more A's games now. I know, it doesn't make much sense, but between MLB.TV and Extra Innings, I'll be able to see a lot more games on television. Sacramento is in this weird place whereas we don't get KICU, yet they blackout any telecasts on MLB.TV and EI because we're supposedly "in market." It's archaic, it's ridiculous and it's 100 percent MLB logic. Only with MLB can you move 400 more miles away and actually get to see your favorite team a lot more frequently. I will also be flying up to Oakland quite a bit for my interviews and attending games. And of course, I'll be coming up for AN Day.

Yeah, I'll be in the midst of Angel fans, but I just look at it as though I can help lead a contingent of A's fans to Angel games to represent our Green and Gold. Chief amonst those fans? None other than baseballgirl herself. So Cal, brace yourself, you're about to embrace one of the biggest A's fans on the planet. Athletics Nation is everywhere.