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Open Thread: Spring Training Game 15/AN Charity Ticket Drive Reopened

King Richard takes the mound against the Colorado Rockies today. Cross your fingers, toes and any other spare appendages that Harden continues to prove his mettle by making it through these spring outings with no pulls, twists or separations.

Also, I made a stupid mistake. The A's sent me an invoice for the tickets from last season. When I saw it, I thought that we raised only $3,500 in 2006. It turns out that we raised a little more than $5,200. I completely forgot that we supplied food coupons for the kids last year. So I'm officially extending the deadline on donations until Monday. We have a total of $4,300 right now as another donation came in after the deadline. So all we need is another $900 or so to get the kids food. If you're all donated out, then I completely understand. It's my oversight that led to this. The kids will ultimately be getting around the same number of tickets any way because we're not splitting the tickets amongst charity so I could probably figure out something with the A's. Thanks and I apologize for blanking on what we did with the food last year.