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Good A's, Bad A's, Average A's?

Woo hoo! The A’s played well today in both parks, winning in the 9th at home, and posting a 4-run eighth at LAA to take the lead, and get the win on the road. Special mention to Daric Barton for his 3 for 5 day with a homerun against the Angels.

So, I have a question: What is your answer when people ask you how the A’s are going to be this year? In years past, I usually have a pretty good idea of the team on paper, but this year, I honestly have no clue. The A’s could be great; the A’s could be terrible, or the A’s could be somewhere in between. I honestly don’t feel like I have enough information, even on paper, to make an educated decision. So much has to happen for this team to be great, but the same can really be said for the other teams in the division.

What are your thoughts?

And how excited are we for the return of baseball!!!!


How many games will the A's win this year?

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