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Open Game Thread: Spring Training Game 1

Ah, yes, the time for open game threads is once again upon us. The time when open game threads will grace the front page of AN for the next, oh, seven months or so.

Spring training games are fun, but they're more nerve-racking than anything to me not because of wins or losses, but moreso because I don't want anyone to blow out an elbow, break a tibia or strain an oblique. God, I hate even typing that term.

Any way, Brad Halsey starts the game today in Marysvale against the Brewers with Jason Windsor and Chad Gaudin making scheduled appearances. I still think Windsor is likely the Los Kirk of this season (meaning the A's sixth starter), so let's hope he has developed and can translate his minor league success in 07. Because you just know the A's are going to need him before long.