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Spring Training - Pre-Season Fun, Nothing But A Warm-up, or A Season of Its Own?

I love Spring Training. There's something about seeing the note on the A's calendar in February: "Pitchers and catchers report today." The time when we, as fans, know that that season has officially started. Our beloved A's will be back on the field before we know it, and for many of us, it can't come soon enough.

I love going to Spring Training. There's nothing quite like being in the intimate setting of Phoenix Municipal, having a chance to see the A's up close and personal, something that is often lost once the season officially starts. Spring Training is a chance to highlight borderline players, or the talent of the future. It gives baseball-starved fans a preview of the team to come, and a chance to check out the competition.

But for all the fun and festivities of Spring Training, for me, it is still nothing more than a warm-up for the season, despite my best efforts to pretend otherwise. I love it because it's baseball; I love it because it's my A's, but if I had a fast-forward button to get to April, I'd use it without even giving it a second thought.

Unpopular opinion? Maybe. But bring on the games that count, and let's get the season under way!

So, who here attends Spring Training? How is it different from the regular season games? Thoughts, comments, vacation plans, meetings in Phoenix? Discuss.