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Official AN Fantasy League! Are You In?

Inspired by baseballgirl's "Fantasy Baseball" post last Sunday, I've decided to offer users the chance to participate in an official AN fantasy league this year. No, I don't think you understand. I don't mean a league where AN users can play fantasy baseball; that's been done, it's being done, it will be done, by other users.

I'm offering something far more interesting: an AN fantasy league. Each participant will draft a roster of AN users, and can score points each week in the following categories:

  • # of diary recommendations (one point per recommendation per diary)

  • # of diary comments (one point per comment per diary, limit of three points for any consecutive string of replies-to-self by Cutthemullet)

  • # of QOTM votes (one point per vote per nominated post)

  • GOG Win-Place-Show points (1st place: 30 points, 2nd place: 20 points, 3rd place: 10 points)

  • "being referred to" points (5 points each time the user's name is referred to in someone else's post, 8 points if the word "basement" is also included in the post)

  • speling points (5 points each time a user's post includes "Loiza," "Ricky Henderson," "Bob Garen," or "Billy Bean,"--or "Grover" not at the beginning of a sentence)

  • "grammar points (5 points each time a user misuses "your/you're,"misuses "they're/their/there", says "loose" when they mean "lose," or fails to capitalize at the beginning of a sentence)

  • "anti-authority points" (5 points each time a user denounces AN's CGV system as being oppressive, unfair, arbitrary, corrupt, misguided, or tyrannical)

  • "oaktoon reference points" (5 points each time a user refers to oaktoon)

  • "Cindi points" (10 points each time a user refers to Cindi in a post; 5 points each time a user's post includes the word "eyeliner," "Hotties," "cosmetology," "omigod," or "third plate")

Who should rightfully be drafted with picks 1-10? Remember, front page writers' posts can't be recommended; some users comment a lot but don't post diaries; sometimes teenagers suddenly figure out how to use spell-check (sigh--they grow up so fast. Except Rashad; still 5' 6" tops). Let the complex analysis begin...

Note: There are, of course, prizes. First place gets an AN T-shirt! Second place gets two AN T-shirts. Third place gets season tickets to the Royals.