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Who's our next Scutaro?

With the banishment of Venezuelan Man-Candy Marco Scutaro to Toronto, the A's have created an opening on their roster.

Not for a reserve middle/left-side infielder, since the team is pretty well covered with Hannahan, Murphy, Melillo, and Petit. Even if Chavez, Crosby, and Ellis happen to miss time, the team has options to spare. (Not options in any way above replacement level, but options nonetheless.)

No, I'm talking about who will stumble forward to fill Marco's role as the clutch/lucky/inspirational striver, the little shrub snatching shafts of sunshine amid a stand of redwoods, the guy who finally gets his chance after years of ignominious toil. The fan favorite.

Will it be one of the A's current not-getting-any-younger infielders? Will it be the oft-slagged pitching prospect Dana Eveland? Will it be one of the middle relievers, like Ziggy? Or will it be someone like Scutaro himself, who Beane picks up on the cheap and on the QT before the season gets fully underway?