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Ken Korach, I'm Back, Baby!

I just wanted to say that I will be able to hear Ken Korach again this year. For Christmas, my wife got me an XM-playing radio. I was pretty despondent when I moved to Southern California because the audio quality through my computer has always been really poor through Sometimes it would work and sometimes it wouldn't.

But now I will be able to have XM in my car and won't be away from Korach and company. There is something inherently beautiful about baseball on the radio. I'm not really sure why that is, but I remember there were so many times during spring training that I would pop on my headset and listen to the A's while doing yardwork. It was one of the only things that made yardwork actually a little fun.

Any way, so I'm wondering if you wound up getting anything that will improve your A's experience this year? I'm excited about my first Ken Korach radio broadcast over XM.

Hope everyone had a great holiday and that Santa was good to you.