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A's-Related Holiday

I just wanted to write something quickly with the big consumer holiday of the year being just a mere four days away and ask what was the best ever A's-related Christmas gift you ever received.

A few years ago, I asked my wife for a bunch of A's tee shirts. The ones I had were already kind of old and worn down, so I wanted a refreshed collection especially since an A's tee is usually what I wear on a daily basis.

So I didn't expect the best gift my wife had ever given me. She absolutely shocked me with tickets and a plane ticket to spring training. It would be my first trip to Phoenix and that trip still remains my most memorable one. The best part about it is that I didn't expect it in the least. It literally came out of the blue.

The other A's gift that really sticks out in my mind is a hoodie my brother gave me a few years ago. It's still probably my favorite hoodie to this day and I wear it whenever it gets cold (a bit more rare down here in sunny So Cal). Again, the hoodie was a huge surprise since my brother is a huge Red Sox fan and I never thought he'd bring himself to purchase anything A's-related. Even for a Christmas gift.

Now this post isn't specific to Christmas. It can be something you got for your birthday or Hanukkah or whatever other holiday you might celebrate. And did you ask for anything A's-related this year (other than for them to get Danny Haren back?)?