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Is It Too Early To Talk About Spring Training?

Ah...spring. The time of year when we leave cold weather (using the subjective definition as a California native), frenetic Christmas shopping, and the seemingly unlimited supply of Christmas candy behind; as our fancies turn to the hint of spring...and the promise of baseball.

We know that the A’s will be overseas during the latter part of the month, which in all likelihood, will leave only the first three precious weeks of March to journey to Arizona to see the preview of Oakland Athletics: version 2008.

For those of you faithful who have attended Spring Training in the past, perhaps you have some words of wisdom to impart; how to buy tickets, where to stay, what to look for, and tips for having the best trip possible.

I love Spring Training. Normally, I don’t enjoy games that don’t count, but it is an excellent venue to see your favorite players up close and personal, as well as see a preview of the future A’s team. And this year, we have the added bonus of having an AN writer as a player in the mix.

I don’t know what to expect from this year’s team; I just can’t even get an idea of it yet. But with any luck, we will be welcoming our new players, seeing our players of the future, and meeting new friends and new fans at the ballpark.

So it’s December, and closing in on the end of the year. March will be here before we know it. Will you be part of the crowd in Phoenix?