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If There Was Ever A Football Game to Watch...

Well, after the lousiness that was the A’s 2007 season, and the disappointment of the World Series, and the looming possibility of a 2008 Angels team with A-rod [insert your own descriptive phrase here], we need a distraction.

Even if you never watch football, except for those Super Bowl parties with the really terrible games, you might want to consider making today the exception. This game will be a preview of the AFC championship game, and if that means nothing to you, consider that both quarterbacks are not only at their peak, but are already stone-cold locks for the Hall of Fame, even if their careers ended today.

Both of these teams are undefeated, and not one football expert in the world would argue that these aren’t the two best teams in the NFL. The Colts, behind Peyton Manning, will host the Patriots with Tom Brady and the controversial Bill Belichick, as we set the stage for the drama that is today’s game.

Just a suggestion if you need some sports action today...otherwise feel free to use this thread to talk about A-rod as Scrooge McDuck or why baseball is better than football.