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Waiting for the Santana Domino to Fall

There are allegedly four or even five teams bidding for the services of Johan Santana. The Red Sox, Dodgers, Yankees and Mets are all supposedly in the mix.

I've been asked in the last day or two by at least two different Mets' bloggers whether or not the A's would consider dealing Danny Haren to them. I didn't mean to be evasive, but the truth is that I don't even think Billy Beane has made up his mind as to what he's going to do yet. And the fact remains that it is going to take a hell of a package to get Haren. I won't go into what it would probably take as grover did an excellent job of breaking down what Beane might be asking for in return in this diary.

I just think it's funny because other teams' fans seem to think that the A's would just give Haren away. They do remember the fact that Haren was pretty much the best pitcher in baseball for three months this past season, right? And he's relatively cheap for what he provides and under control for several years. In many ways, he should be more valuable than Santana because of the reasons I mentioned above, but Johan has all that hardware to show. But I've talked to a Red Sox fan who thinks that Haren would be dealt for Coco Crisp and Jon Lester. Mets fans are talking about Milledge and Heilman. I just don't think that that's enough for Beane to consider moving Haren (Ken Rosenthal doesn't either). Yeah, maybe that's good enough for Blanton, but not Haren. I know there's a chance that I'm being a fan myself in viewing this, but Haren has only seemed to get better and better and he's consistently healthy.

I guess ultimately the question is, should Beane even consider trading Haren if he can't get a massive and quality haul back in return? As grover outlined, the market for someone like Haren has seemingly gone down over the last three years. To me, this means that it's likely that Haren won't be traded. I just can't see Beane trading Haren without making a killing in return. And if Beane decides that he truly is going to start the rebuilding process, then why not go the Hudson/Mulder route and trade two of Haren/Blanton/Harden. I can imagine that you could definitely get your share of top quality talent from a team like the Dodgers for Haren. In many ways, it would be silly for the Dodgers to not consider going after Haren, especially with an owner in McCourt who isn't likely to break the bank for Santana.

The best thing about all of this is that Beane is dealing from a position of strength because he really doesn't have to move Haren. I will say that I'll be pretty ticked off if Haren gets dealt and another team doesn't unload a Brinks' truck worth of talent at the Coliseum. Haren is far too talented to consider anything less.