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Top 5 Reasons To Watch The Golden State Warriors This Off-Season

  1. You think your favorite Bay Area football team would be better off playing a different sport.

If you find yourself without a basketball team to cheer for, and your football team makes you long for Ken Macha as manager, you may be the perfect candidate for Warriors’ basketball. It’s sometimes messy, it’s always fun, you certainly get your money’s worth, it’s never boring and the team can actually win some games. Plus, they share a parking lot with the A’s. Doesn’t that mean something?

  1. You have started to watch late night bass fishing just to have something to cheer about, since the A’s moments were few and far between last season.

Despite a little of the bandwagoning that went on last year during the Warriors’ unexpected success in the playoffs, the Warriors’ fans are every bit as passionate about their team as we here are about the Oakland Athletics. The difference is that they can fill their stadium and they are loud about it. I don’t know about you, but I flat out miss cheering for a team, and maybe, just maybe, the Warriors can provide a little bit of that.

  1. Because Monta Ellis is just so cute.

But I'm fair...thanks to Baron Davis (who is among the highest scorers in the league!), she can be found at Warriors games.

Everyone happy now?

  1. Because on days you are not addicted to AN, you can be addicted to Golden State of Mind

Golden State of Mind...another fantastic SB Nation site. It’s funny, it’s hard-core, and you can learn a lot about the game.

  1. Because they are just so darn exciting.

Before the tip-off of Monday’s game against the Suns, the Warriors’ announcers (who are as excited as the fans at the start of every game) said, and I quote, "And they can go ahead and turn off the shot clocks--they won’t be needing those. Let’s get the game started!"

And started it did. For those of you who missed it, the first six minutes of the game were unlike any basketball I’ve ever seen. Neither team seemed to keep the ball more than 3 seconds, and each team used the fast break on every play, even after a made basket. It looked like a whole different sport; one that bordered on being out-of-control, but in a fun and absolutely entertaining way. And of course, it was only made better by the 101 points the Warriors threw up after the third quarter, and then, of course, winning the game.

After starting 0-6 (for <ahem> reasons <Stephen> that we won’t <Jackson> discuss), the Warriors have pulled themselves to an amazing 6-7, and tonight, they go for a shocking chance to be at .500 after their dismal start.

They play the Sacramento Kings at 7:00pm. C’mon...could it hurt?