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RIP Mr. Kennedy

The tragic Joe Kennedy death has been on my mind all weekend long. As many of you know who have been reading this site for the past several years, I lost my father when I was 18 years old. He died suddenly of a heart attack and it's had a great impact on my life. I'm unnaturally obsessed now with making sure that my daughter grows up with mostly great memories of me. Course I have to balance that with being a stern parent when I need to be which isn't always easy.

But it's just amazing to me to think of someone that age dying. I know it happens, but I can't even imagine the absolute pain of his widowed wife and his one-year-old child and the baby on the way. His children will never know who he was. I mean, they'll have more video of their father than most people ever will thanks to the fact that he was a professional athlete and lived a good portion of his life on television. But nothing will ever replace getting to know their Dad. It's just so unfair that his kids will never get to have their father see their first day of school or be able to see them go through puberty or get married. The very idea of it makes me well up with tears and goes so far beyond the realm of baseball that we're on a different plane of consciousness now.

I know that I'm bordering on rambling with no point to this post other than to express how much this tragedy has been on my mind. Believe me, I was never a huge fan of Kennedy the baseball player, but I often do try and remove myself from thinking about a player's life outside the diamond. I guess for some reason this resonated with me because Kennedy annoyed me so much this season. I'm not saying that this will make me be less critical of certain players on the field, but it will probably serve as a healthy reminder to me that the player that we often discuss on the field is all too human. I'm not saying that it should change the way anyone else approaches these things at all. This is just a personal decision.

It breaks my heart to think of those children now growing up without their father which is such a tragedy. RIP Joe and I wish nothing but the best for Joe's family.