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Putting the "A" in "OSHA": DL Projections for 2008

Yes, it's far too early to assess the health of certain "key veteran contributors" (i.e., sunk costs that Beane has emotional attachments to and/or would love to offload by July 31st).

Yes, the A's roster isn't anywhere near finalized for 2008.

And, yes, this is another downer of a post, and perhaps not entirely apropos following so close on the news of Joe Kennedy's tragic passing. (Hey, at least I didn't call it the 2008 DL Dead Pool. Uh ... whoops.)

But, given that it's highly unlikely that the A's add any significant front-line players this offseason, and the offseason conventional wisdom on the A's is (once again) "If healthy ...," I think it's time to start laying some guesswork on how much time the 2008 A's will lose to the DL.

(Of course, this is always leavened by the caveat that Beane is loath to DL any player, and DL Days Lost is only an approximation of general health on the impact of the roster. "Days Lost to Simply Being Mark Kotsay in a Profession That Requires Frequent Plane Flights" isn't a stat that Elias tracks yet.)

Here are my undereducated, entirely baseless guesses at DL Days Lost in 2008 for several "key contributors" on the A's. Weigh in with yours in comments.

  • Eric Chavez: 45 DLDL
  • Mark Kotsay: 95 DLDL
  • Rich Harden: 145 DLDL
  • Huston Street: 35 DLDL
  • Bobby Crosby: 15 DLDL (but he'll still OPS <.700)</li>

Bonus DLDL tiebreak:

  • DLDL for the Angels' projected front-line OF/DH rotation (Vlad, G Anderson, Sarge Jr, Toriiii): 300