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Happy Thanksgiving!!!

Hey AN, I just wanted to wish everyone here a happy and healthy Thanksgiving. I hope you're getting your fill of turkey, stuffing, mashed potatoes and football.

In case you've missed it in a tryptophan-haze, Torii Hunter signed with the Angels. It's arguable whether the deal makes much sense for the Angels and plenty of ANers argued in that thread whether or not it does indeed make sense.

I personally don't think it's a great deal for the Angels. They already had a center fielder who played good defense. I guess they're talking about having Vlad play DH for most of the year and moving GMJ to right field. I just think there was more pressing needs with the team. Now the Angels might still address those issues with a trade for someone like Cabrera and then it looks like a nice move because it gives the team a deeper lineup. It just seems like losing Cabrera in the lineup for Hunter is close to being a wash and Hunter isn't on the right side of 30.

As much as I long for the A's to be able to dip into the free agent market, I'm just not sure this is a wise use of that financial availability.

Also, Johan Santana appears like he's going to be traded. It would be insane to see someone like Santana go to a team like the Red Sox. But that's the way of the MLB this year. And it's something that I'm not very thankful for.

Any way, I wanted to wish you and yours a very happy Thanksgiving.