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A Really Bad Week For A Really Bad Guy

Mirror, mirror, on the wall, who’s the foulest of them all? Bud Selig? More laughable than contemptable, really. George Steinbrenner? Eh, just a colorful old codger. No, my real vitriol is reserved for the real bad guys of baseball: Guys like “über agent” Scott Boras. As the joke goes, if you have Bud Selig, George Steinbrenner, and Scott Boras in a room and you have a gun with only two bullets in it, what do you do? The answer, of course: Shoot Boras twice.

That’s why this past week has been such a joy. Could it be that karma is finally catching up to the greedy li’l bastard? First, Great Scott announced that his greatest client yet, Alex Rodriguez, was now available, “and we’ll start the bidding at $350,000,000.00…” But after the Angels said, “Hmm,” and 28 other teams said, “Whatever,” A-Rod and the Yankees went crawling back to one another as only the Texas Rangers really celebrated – and as Boras, for a change, looked like a bit of an idiot.

Even more so when the Wall Street Journal then reported that Warren Buffet had privately advised A-Rod to approach the Yankees and go around Scott Boras – which is exactly what A-Rod did, according to the Wall Street Journal story.

And then over the weekend, just a couple days after the A-Rod saga resolves, comes news that Kenny Rogers has fired his agent – that’s right, Scott Boras – and will represent himself in negotiations with the Tigers, rather than letting Boras shop him to the highest bidder.

I don’t know exactly when the shift occurred, from Boras pushing owners around at will and getting them to bid against themselves, to getting pushed around a bit himself. Maybe it was the first time the Giants, and every other team, looked at Zito’s contract and Zito’s performance side by side and said, “Eew!” Or perhaps it was when Boras, by now drunk with perceived invincibility, somehow managed to grossly overestimate the value of baseball next all-time homerun champion. Or it could have been when Kenny Rogers got tired of punching cameramen and decided to take aim at one of his own. All I know is that I don’t care if Scott Boras cries all the way to the bank, just as long as he cries.