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Zen and the Art of Scutaro

I was pretty busy this weekend. I took my daughter to "A Day Out with Thomas the Tank Engine". They essentially have a life-sized Thomas that you actually ride on which was pretty much the greatest moment of my daughter's two years and 10 months of life. But given that it was in Perris, CA, which feels like another country altogether, I felt like I was completely out of touch.

Apparently I was because the A's decided to move Marco Scutaro. I'm pretty sad about it just because, as we all know, Scoot was an extremely lovable player. Even though he never seemed to be a huge hitter or the "big bat" the A's have been seemingly looking for since the Stone Age, there was always a sense of Zen whenever Marco was at the plate in a close game. It didn't seem to matter who was trying to stop him either, whether it was Mariano Rivera or K-Rod, Scoot was just one of those guys who relished the opportunity to be a hero. And those types of players seem too infrequent these days.

Listen, we can sit here and debate whether or not clutch players exist or not, but I can't help but think of that term now and I will always see Marco Scutaro. And truthfully, when the A's either host or visit Toronto, I will peering through the hands over my eyes when Mr. Scutaro comes up to bat because I've seen what he can do and as thrilling as it was for me before, it'll be just as scary being on the other side now.

The eternal question in baseball isn't to be or not to be, it's clutch or not clutch? We, as A's fans, have likely had the answer to that question after watching Marco Scutaro for the past several seasons.

I guess this makes me wonder if Billy Beane has already decided to try and rebuild. I know Scutaro wasn't exactly one of the big money holes for the A's, but I don't think there is a question that the A's could use Scoot's versatility for depth reasons if they were really going to go for it in 2008. Time will tell whether this is just the first of many moves, but this quote makes me think that the A's have realized that they have a big issue of depth in their minors and if they're going to truly be competitive for years to come they need to restock:

"Marco has been great for us, and we wouldn't have had as much success without him," assistant general manager David Forst said. "This will give some of our infielders from Triple-A a chance, and we're getting two young minor-league arms that we like; they both throw 93-94 (mph). We recognize the need to add talent to our minor leagues."

I don't think we're truly going to know what the A's are doing until they move someone like Blanton or Haren. But for now, we have to just stop and mourn the loss of one of the most hard-working and clutch players to ever wear green and gold. We'll miss you, Scoot.

Also, the Angels traded Orlando Cabrera for Jon Garland today. I'm not really sure that I understand the move considering that the Angels had pretty much Vlad and Cabrera perform consistently throughout 2007 and that was it. They had other guys perform, but they also had injury issues or other inconsistencies. I am in the camp that thinks that this means that Ervin Santana is going to be dealt for Tejada or possibly a Miguel Cabrera deal is coming for the Halos. I guess it's conceivable that the Angels are just stacking up on starting pitching with the philosophy that you can never have enough great pitching (not a bad philosophy). But I just think that the Angels have had the same offensive issues the past few seasons that the A's have had with the the big exception that the Angels have had a monster in Vlad in their lineup and the A's haven't. I just can't see killing that depth more without having something else to back it up.

Oh and, ho hum, A-Rod won the AL MVP.