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PollyANna Open Thread: Sunshine, Ponies, and Crisply Turned Double Plays

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Yeesh. What an offseason so far. The Evil Empire Ladies Auxiliary wins the WS, Ellis gets shafted on the GG yet again (not that I really care about that one so much), Chavvy has a 133rd unplanned surgery, Wolff carps about state restrictions on his ability to exterminate species with a tug on his ear, BondsBondsBondsBondsBonds, and so forth.

I won't be so crass as to preempt the raw maudlin sentimentality scheduled for next Thursday, but I thought we all might be in need of a little mental health break.

So, this is an open thread to celebrate the elements of the game that you still love.

(Later today, I'll be posting Scene I of my latest Cinematic Interlude, The Budsucker Proxy.)