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First Round Wrap Up

What the heck. I’ll post some thoughts on the game:

• Alex Rodriguez relaxed enough to have a couple of good at bats, and even hit his first homerun of the series. It was a solo shot, so expect inane article titles such as "Choke-Rod hits meaningless homerun", "A-rod comes through when it doesn’t matter", "A-Rod gets off-season RBI", you know the drill. Ahem, and not to point out the obvious, but a certain Captian Clutch DP'd the runners off the bases before A-Rod came up to bat.
• Jeter did make a really great play in the eighth to save the seventh run from scoring. He also went 2-5 tonight with an RBI.
• Cleveland looks happy. Just delighted to be in the spot they are, and it looks like they are going to soak up every bit of this playoff experience and I hope they do. I also would like them to take apart the Red Sox.
• Seeing Giambi makes me sad. He was so good once, and he used to wear green and gold. I miss him.
• The ‘last’ tributes killed me. "Could this be Torre’s last visit to the mound?" "Could this be A-Rod’s last at-bat?" "Could this be Mariano’s last post-season pitch?" "Will this be the last time we see the Yankees play baseball, because Steinbrenner is going to ‘take care of the problem’?"
• If I see one more FrankTV commercial, I’m not only going to not watch the show, but I’m going to boycott it, picket against it, and actively hope it never makes it past the premiere.
• I appreciate the variety in vocabulary, but must you call Byrd’s start ‘scintillating’? ‘Cause that’s just weird.
• Did Boston secretly want to play the Yankees, as suggested by tonight’s announcing team, or is that crazy talk? I would think that no matter what, Boston wants to hook up with anyone besides the Yankees.

Great managing by Wedge the whole series. The Indians were the better team, and they absolutely deserve to go on. I think most of AN will be on the Cleveland bandwagon from here on out. Congratulations, Cleveland; you deserve it. Now, PLEASE, go beat the Red Sox!

Baseball returns on Thursday with the NLCS.


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