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Open Thread: Playoffs Day 5

Well, so far, so good. Unless, of course, you are Turner Broadcasting and were hoping to recoup your investment by showing the maximum number of playoff games possible. But obviously, the way these playoffs are shaping up so far, not only is this not going to happen, but there is a very real chance that each division series can finish with the minimum number of games played.

Both NL division series are over by way of the sweep, as the red hot Rockies dispatched the Phillies in short order last night (no surprise to me), and the Diamondbacks did the same to the Cubs (I picked the Cubs to win).

But it’s like Christmas over in the AL for me, as the Angels have lost their first two games in this series, with the losses pinned on my two favorite Angels’ pitchers. Now if only they could find a way to have Scioscia lose today’s game, the trifecta would be complete.

Over in New York, the Yankees will try to salvage at least a game of this series, and I think they will. I do; however, think the Angels will be out. If you would like a laugh today, think about the post I read on a fantasy site asking what would happen if Lackey had pitched during Friday night’s bug fest. He would have swallowed more than his fair share of the little guys, I’m sure.

Okay, more playoffs. Here we go!

LAA/BOS at noon
NYY/CLE at 3:30