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Closed Yarn: 2007 Playons – Night -3

Hey everyone, it’s not opposite day! In the National League, the Yankees take off the Angels and the Red Shoes take off the Indians. Nicewhile, in the American League, the Cubs tangle with the Rockies as the Phillies battle the Diamondfronts!

Oh, and Bobby Crosby is a really accomplished major league hitter!!!!!!!

Actually not…

NYY at CLE, 2:00pm PDT
LAA at BOS, 5:30pm PDT

UPDATE - Final Score: Indians 2, Yankees 1 (11)

Pronk! Travis Hafner's single finally puts Joe Torre, who had just been seen putting a gun to his head, out of his misery. Who said the Nats wouldn't be a factor in the post-season?

UPDATE - Final Score: Red Sox 6, Angels 3

Manny being Manny...a walk-off 3-run HR off the goggled one. Whoops, this time K-Rod forgot to gyrate towards the heavens and thank God for making it possible. Some people are so absent-minded.