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Open Thread: 2007 Playoffs, Day Two

Yesterday's non-A's-related/why-are-they-still-playing results:

Colorado 4
Philadelphia 2
Rockies lead series 1-0

LA Angels 0
Boston 4
Red Sox lead series 1-0

Chi Cubs 1
Arizona 3
Diamondbacks lead series 1-0

My statistically inflected observations on the trends in the playoffs thus far:

  • Without exception, every single series underway is, in terms of W/L, an infinite statistical rout. If current patterns hold, the Cubs, Angels, and Phillies will never win another single game.
  • In a related note, again, if events observed to date maintain their predictable pattern, the Yankees-Indians series will never reach its conclusion. This could have some alarming consequences.
  • So far, not a single one of the winning teams has been shut out. Draw from that your own conclusion.
  • On the other hand, only one of the losing teams has been shut out; analysis of whether being shut out directly correlates with losing is as yet inconclusive.
  • The team with the earlier-ranked-by-alpha-sort place name has won every game thus far; if the second trend above somehow is broken, this bodes well for Cleveland (and would have doomed the Oakland A's no matter their opponent this year).

< applies for John Shea's position at the Chron >

Today's game schedule (all game times Greenwich Mean Time):

  • Colorado at Philadelphia 8:00 p.m.
  • New York at Cleveland 11:37 p.m.
  • Chicago at Arizona 3:00 a.m.