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Scariest Moment in A's History


Well, I had always intended to open this thread today, but I think I just found my moment looking at the post below. Nico must have snuck that in, knowing I would be in traffic (can someone stop dropping cranes on the 405?!) and meetings all day yesterday and couldn’t refute the scary, scary moment. I kid because I care, Nico.

That scary moment will be addressed in a later post--maybe a good old fashioned AN debate--since we have nothing but time until the A's take the field again.

Today, I want to hear what you think is the scariest moment in A’s history. Define it however you want, but I thought it would be interesting to see what people come up with.

Aside from the days I wake up and check the news in a cold sweat, wondering if the team is leaving Oakland in favor of Alaska, I have narrowed it down to this moment.

What’s yours?