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Bullish on Oakland 08

Now that the 2007 baseball season is officially over (someone needed to tell the Rockies that it wasn't over after they beat the D'Backs), I just wanted to share my opinion on the A's looking forward. Keep in mind that this can change quite a bit depending on what happens with the other teams in the AL West this offseason.

But I honestly really like the A's chances in 2008 as of October 29, 2007. Without even thinking about what PECOTA projects for the A's players for the 2008 season, I do think the A's will benefit in 2008 for the misery they experienced in 2007. Billy Beane and company are aggressively looking at the health issues and how to improve them, although many of the injury problems have been freak accidents like Crosby and Piazza.

I think all the injury issues gave the A's the opportunity to do really important things like get Kurt Suzuki some much needed experience, give Daric Barton and Travis Buck a shot and find a fantastic DH in Jack Cust. The A's offense is not going to look like the Yankees, but if you have a lineup with Buck, Barton, Suzuki and Cust then you're starting with a pretty good foundation. Throw in a healthy and rejuvenated Eric Chavez and Denorfia in center field more often than not and now we're talking about a team that can win a good share of games because the starting pitching is excellent.

Granted, there is some hopeful thinking in that. The team will be dependent on a lot of young talent and young talent usually is pretty inconsistent. But it isn't anything new for this franchise to be depending on young talent.

I'll say it again. A lot can change between now and opening day in April next year. But as of right now, I'm a lot more bullish about the A's in 2008 than I ever was about them in 2007.

How are you feeling right now? Am I the only one that likes the green and gold in 2008?