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2007 World Series Champion Boston Red Sox

I don't want to, but I will. I tip my cap to the best team in the league over the regular season, and who carried that over to the postseason. The Red Sox did it all...and did it all well. Pitching, hitting, depth; it was all there for them at all the right times.

Colorado just came up short as the magic wore off. There isn't much more to say than that.

HOWEVER, how in the WORLD did Jonathan Papelbon not win the MVP? I truly cannot understand that pick. When you save three out of four games, all of which required 1+ innings of work, and all were close games, how on earth are you not the MVP?

And the irony of Bobby Kielty hitting the game winning, World Series clinching homerun is not lost on this A's fan.

Baseball is over.


When does Spring Training start? And will the A's be any good?

Stay tuned to AN for off-season fun. Thanks for being a part of 2007 with us!