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World Series Coverage: Game 1 is on!

Josh Beckett is ‘the very definition of clutch’. The Colorado Rockies are ‘an NL upstart’. Get ready for all of the horrible clichés that naturally come with the territory, when sportswriters and announcers alike pretend they’ve been paying attention to these teams all along. Well, they might be half right. Everyone knows who Boston is. All people know about Colorado is the winning streak, but hey, at least they have a hook.

On paper, this series sides heavily with Boston. They have the pitching, Manny-being-annoying, Ortiz, the even-more-annoying-than-Manny fans, and Jonathan "YouTube" Papelbon (if you haven’t seen his celebration dances, they’re worth it). I hesitate to make any sort of predictions, what with the debacle that was the Cleveland-being-Oakland series, but not only do I want the Rockies to win, very much, but I also think they will win.

I don’t know why I think that. Maybe it’s because they seem magical this postseason. Is that a good enough reason? I also want them to sweep. Is that too much to ask for?

We will find out soon enough.

I will say that the series could swing heavily in Colorado’s favor if they beat Boston’s ace tonight, who has put up simply unreal numbers so far in the postseason. Josh Beckett vs. Jeff Francis at Fenway Park is a sure win for Boston; which means should the Rockies win, it is a certain steal, and could change the whole makeup of the series. The Powers That Be really should have invested in some commercials for the week starring Josh vs. Jeff, where they interviewed their families, friends, ex-girlfriends for information about the two pitchers, in order to create some hype about the game.

What? That’s already been done? And now we’re at the pinnacle of advertising where the slogan is "There’s Only One Beckett"?


Game One of the World Series starts tonight. I guess around 5. Maybe 5:15. Just turn your TV on and cheer for the Rockies.