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Open Thread: Quick Note/World Series Predictions

Folks, I had to evacuate my home last night as the Southern Californian fires came dangerously close to our home. My neighbors' backyards caught on fire.

So I had to pack up my family, some key photos and some personal items and head on over to my wife's aunt's house. The smoke now seems to be back as they originally said we could return to our home. I don't really have time to put up a traditional thread, so you can just use this to make your World Series projections.

I'm thinking Red Sox in five if only because the poor Rockies were too damn good that they ended their series way early and a nine day layoff in baseball is just an insurmountable obstacle, IMHO. It's too bad because I was really enjoying the Rockies postseason run. It was an incredible thing to watch.

Oh and if you can do anything, wish for winds to die down down here. It would make things a lot less frightening.