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Open Playoff Thread: Unjinxing the Indians

My fault, okay?

I called the Rockies/Indians World Series last week, and lo and behold, I completely underestimated the Red Sox. Or else I grossly underestimated Cleveland’s choking ability. Either way, Cleveland had two very good chances to close the door on this series and go on, but neither Sabathia nor Carmona wanted anything to do with winning a baseball game.

This series includes three of the front-runners for the Cy Young award, but if post season pressure situations were counted, Beckett would be the clear winner. But Francona, in a somewhat controversial move, decided not to take advantage of the new random off-day in this series, and did not set up Beckett to start three games (two would have been with full rest).

So the one silver lining tonight--and it’s all they have--is that the Indians will see the $100+ million import Dice K instead of Beckett. And that is a good thing if you are rooting for the Indians, although I’m not sure how excited you should be about Westbrook starting in Fenway. But it is what it is, and if I had to guess, this will not be a pitchers’ duel. Which means, of course, that you should bet the under.

One game 7, for all the marbles, and a chance to play the Rockies sometime in late April, when the snow melts at Coors’.