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LCS - "And Then There Were 3"

A few thoughts as we await Game 4 of the ALCS, the battle of “I throw slow” vs. “Yeah, well I throw slower!” – Byrd vs. Wakefield.

• On the NLCS telecast last night, they showed a summary of some of the recent “great winning streaks,” including the UCLA Bruins, the L.A. Lakers’ 33 game winning streak, the Miami Dolphins’ undefeated season, and finally the Rockies winning (at that point) 20 out of 21. Apparently the 2002 A’s winning 20 out of 20 wasn’t impressive enough to make a list that included a baseball team winning 20 out of 21. Alrighty then!

• Ubaldo Jiminez and Franklin Morales are two of the most impressive young pitchers I couldn’t have picked out of a police lineup two weeks ago. Raw, sure? But would I take them into my 2008 rotation right now? Oh yes.

• Proof that heckling can be done with humor and without meanness. I loved this sign in the stands yesterday at Coors Field: “3-0 Means We Outplayed You.” What more need be said to make the point while making us laugh?

• The Rockies are about to meet their kryptonite, the only force that can slow them down: A week off. Look for the ALCS winner to win the World Series in 5 games +/- 1, and for 2007’s secret word to be: “momentum”.

• Props to Dan Schulman, who meets my high standard for play-by-play excellence. He, along with Jon Miller, have brought the essentials to the Championship Series’ radio broadcasts: Professionalism and crisp description that puts the game first, analysis and banter next. It’s amazing how few broadcasters get past the first one – professionalism – and sound either buffoonish or amateurish (and still get hired somehow). Nice to have listenable radio broadcasts to go with these important and exciting games.

See you at 5:00pm PDT for Game 4 at “The Jake”!