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Open Thread: LCS Day 2

As we wait until 4:15pm PDT (or, if the weather in Boston is anything like the weather in the East Bay right now, perhaps longer) for the ALCS opener, I ask you for your predictions on who might win the “Unlikely Hero Award” in these League Championship Series.

Fellows like David Ortiz are ineligible, as are tonight’s starters, C. C. Sabathia and Josh Beckett. These are the players high expectations on whom there are. (You know, ending sentences with prepositions? Waaay better than that last debacle of a sentence.) I’m looking for this year’s Buddy Biancalana, the Jeff Francis out-pitches Brandon Webb kind of hero.

Before it happens, stake your claim to clairvoyance and folk-hero savvy: Who will emerge, in the ALCS and the NLCS, as the surprise performance of the series? There’s always someone…

Cleveland at Boston 4:15pm
Colorado at Arizona 7:15pm