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Right Divisions, Wrong Choices

So as we close in on the final four of baseball, I decided to look back at some of my predictions for 2007.

I would've had the NL East right had the Mets not pulled the monumental tank job (think Minaya might want to turn back the clock and make that deal for Blanton now?). And I picked the Marlins as a surprise pick which proved very wrong.

I also had the Brewers winning the Central and I was right for the majority of the season. I mistakenly had the Cards as second place.

As for the NL West, I had the Dodgers winning the division followed by the Diamondbacks (my wild card pick) and Rockies. Although I mistakenly believed that Randy Johnson would be a big part in that resurgence.

I got the AL East right with Boston winning and New York coming in second. The AL Central I had Detroit as the winners and Cleveland in second place. And I had the Angels winning the division, but I really messed up with the other teams, having Seattle finishing last, although I did say, "One thing is for sure, I'm betting the A's don't win 17 of 19 from this team again this year."

And my prediction was that the Tigers would win the World Series over the Dodgers. I really thought the Tigers had enough this year between their excellent starters, flamethrowing relievers and great supporting offense. But it very well could be the Indians against the Diamondbacks. Although I must say that I'm kind of rooting for the Rockies at this point. Nothing would make Bud Selig's skin crawl more than seeing Cleveland against Colorado in the Fall Classic. And that just makes me smile.

Where did you get things right? And wrong?